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About Evmelia International Music Festival


The International Music Festival “Evmelia” that already completed its 4th Edition in April 2015 under tremendous success, always with the strong support and organization of the Porphyrogenis Foundation in Agria-Volos and under the inspired artistic direction of the eminent Greek concert pianist from Volos Dino Mastroyiannis, has established itself as one of the most prestigious festivals, not only for the Magnesia region but also for the whole modern Greece. Evmelia I, II, III and IV have organized within 4 years 32 concerts (recitals, chamber music concerts and concerts with orchestras ), have succeeded a live Internet streaming worldwide for the first time in Greece (at least as far as concerns a festival of classical music) through its website www.evmelia-festival.org with the technical support of the Greek Company “Friktoria”, and/or a VOD (video on demand) broadcasting of all their concerts.

Takashi Yoshimatsu's message to the "Evmelia" V Festival

I am deeply honored that my work is to be presented at your music festival in Greece, the birthplace of western music, which I so love and admire.

Though I was born and raised in Japan, when I was in my teens I was captivated by western classical music and started to make music myself. Japan has music with a thousand-year history, and when I was a youth it was the rock era. But I was drawn to the sound of orchestras and, in the belief that there was a way to make all music understood with the "five-line staff" system which describes this orchestral sound, I chose to become a composer.

Ney Rosauro - the "King" of Percussionists

Ney Rosauro

"Knowing about the economic crisis in Greece I am specially happy to know that the Evmelia festival will have another edition.

Dino is a warrior and is making this important festival happen again, and bring great musical from international artists to the people from Volos and neighborhood.

I am very glad to participate at this year's event and I am sure the music will be top quality."

Ney Rosauro - Percussionist and composer - Miami, 25.2.2013

Takashi Yoshimatsu: Composer-in-Residence (Evmelia V) 2016

Takashi Yoshimatsu - Evmelia V composer-in-residenceTakashi Yoshimatsu, "the composer of the birds", was born in Tokyo in 1953, and like Toru Takemitsu, did not receive formal musical training while growing up. He left the faculty of technology of Keio University in 1972, and joined an amateur band named NOA as a keyboard player, emulating the music of Pink Floyd. He became interested in the jazz and progressive rock scenes, particularly in the possibilities being explored through electronic music. He was a fan of the Walker Brothers and the Ventures when he was 13, but symphonies of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky fascinated him when he was 14. Since then he composed a number of pieces before making his name with the serialist "Threnody for Toki" in 1981. Soon afterwards, he became disenchanted with atonal music, and began to compose in a free neo-romantic style with strong influences from jazz, rock and Japanese classical music, underscoring his reputation with his 1985 Guitar Concerto.

EVMELIA V | April 15-22, 2016 - GENERAL PROGRAM


Forgetful Angel1) Niš Symphony Orchestra (Serbia)  - 15.04.2016
conductor: Milena Injac (Serbia) / soloist: Dino Mastroyiannis (Volos-Greece)
- F.MEINDERS-Variations on a Theme of Chopin (for Piano left hand and Strings) - world premiere performance
- A. LEONOVA: Poem (for Piano left hand, Strings and Percussion) - world premiere performance
- G. GERSHWIN: Rhapsody in blue
- music from famous movies and musicals (B. Hermann, E. Morricone, N. Rota, J. Williams, A. Llloyd-Webber, K. Badelt etc.)

Concert in co-operation with the Municipality of Volos

Dr. Eftychia Papanikolaou (Greece-USA): Special guest of Evmelia IV

Evmelia Festival is proud to present its special guest ‪Dr. Eftychia Papanikolaou‬ (Greece-USA), who will give Musicology lectures and special presentations about Evmelia IV concert programs.

Eftychia (Effie) Papanikolaou

Eftychia (Effie) Papanikolaou is Associate Professor of Musicology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio (USA), where she also serves as Musicology Coordinator and Graduate Advisor. She holds a B.A. in English Philology and Literature from the University of Athens, Greece; Music Theory Degrees (Counterpoint and Fugue) from the National Conservatory of Athens; and Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Historical Musicology from Boston University.


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