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About Evmelia's President Katerina Porphyrogenis

Katerina PorphyrogenisWhat does a dream need to become reality?

Two things, we believe: an inspired person, the one who conceived it, and a fertile ground in which to sow its seeds. That was when Dino Mastroyiannis in his brilliant career met the Porphyrogenis foundation and its valuable friends, and the dream found the way to become true. So, with the first signs of spring, Agria' will resonate with melodies, in a music feast created thanks to the talent and the passion of young musicians from different countries, who are coming to Greece to visit and support, in the way they know best, by their art. Because music has its own power, it can be dialogue, emotion, bridge over differences, relief and encouragement.
The Festival is addressed to everybody, not only to music experts; we believe that no particular education is needed for anyone to relate to the magic language of music.
The 8 concerts will include chamber music compositions, piano recitals, symphonic compositions, singing and opera pieces. Some pieces will see their prima (first production) in the evening dedicated to J. Psathas. The composer, a Greek from New Zealand, will be present.
Our goal is to see the Evmelia festival becoming a synonymous of celebration, joy and openness, to be shared together with its creators, in opposition to the gloom of our time.

Katerina Porphyrogenis
President of the Porphyrogenis Foundation & the "Evmelia" International Music Festival


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